Studio Dave, located in New Orleans, is the perfect space for your music rehearsals, art performances, and it’s a multi-purpose events hall for your intimate gatherings. It was built to provide a venue for artists (homegrown, in transit, transplants, established, budding, promising, and the rockstars-in-waiting) to hone your knack for music, love of the arts, and promote your respective cultures.

This is the space where musicians and artists come to create, collaborate, converge, rehearse, and perform. This is the potential birthplace of your first release, your chart-topping hit, or your new album.


This is where the products of your labor and your art are launched and first shared with your audience. This is the spot where it could all start.


  • 103-144 sq. ft.
  • Free WiFi
  • No smoking policy
  • Free use of provided equipment
  • Powered speakers or PA system
  • Guitar Amplifier
  • Bass Amplifier
  • Microphones, Microphone Stands, and Cables
    (At least 3 per room)


  •  106-144 sq. ft.
  • No smoking policy
  • Monthly lease
  • Minimum of 6-month lease
  • Discounted rate for 1-year lease
  • 24/7 access to the building and room leased
  • Free WiFi
  • Includes at least 11 sound panels per room
  • Rules and Regulations in place to benefit everyone
  • Surveillance cameras in the facility

‘By the hour rate’ for a minimum of 2 hours “Bang for Your Buck” Promo:
4-Hour Block gives you 17% off the hourly rate if you rent for 4 hours

Studio Dave offers nine (9) new practice areas and one (1) warehouse area to cater to your every creative need and event requirement. The studio has a state of the art air handling system, allowing for a climate-controlled and acoustically-treated environment. The entire property is equipped with security systems to ensure a safe space while you let your creative genius do the work. Your comfort is essential, which is why Studio Dave also guarantees clean rehearsal areas, washrooms, and common spaces. Free and fast WIFI connection is provided to help you access materials for review or even to do live streaming while you’re practicing.

At Studio Dave, you can create, collaborate, converge, rehearse, and perform worry-free. Easy-peasy… you’re not at the heart of the Big Easy for nothing!


Warehouse Hall is a performance room designed to host live acts, album launches, accoustic sessions, music video shoot, film editing,  product launches, skills trainings, lectures, arts classes,  small seminars and presentations, dance classes, zumba and yoga sessions, intimate wedding receptions or rehearsal dinner, intimate events, and other social functions.


Interested? Come check us out today.
Studio Dave New Orleans Rehearsal Studio is at 1313 S Rendon Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70125.
Contact us at 504 715 4090 to schedule your visit, rehearsal, or event.






Nice spanking new, clean studio for rehearsal in New Orleans. Small and medium rooms with a really decent flat rate for a 4-hour block! Nice equipment and good air conditioning. They also have a bigger ‘live’ room for intimate performances with stage lights, cafe tables and PA. Dave is a nice guy and very professional.
Lenny Zenith, Lenny Zenith
Amazing studio, amazing guy. Spent 3 days with THE CALL. Well be back.
Mikel Lomsky, Alarm 58
This space has been a lifesaver for us, clean, well lit, sound proofed, it has been an all-around excellent experience working here. Dave and his wife went out of their way to accommodate our band, highly recommended, professional and courteous.
Dan Burton, Early Day Miners
Let me share with y’all that The Stevie DeLuxe Project – FluffaFish is rehearsing at Dave’s place and we are there cuz it’s the best place…great place! The studios are uber clean, the sound dynamic is totally pro, well lit, central A/C that is totally chill.
We’ve tried a few places and this place is IT!
The best spot for local and touring bands. Clean, temperature controlled, super friendly place with pretty much new equipment.
Plus Aziz, + Aziz
Clean, stylish, very secure facilities with easy access for loading equipment. Run by great people, who are friendly and accommodating. Great place to jam with your band.
Gary Kiger


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It was the passion for music and the lack of clean, comfortable, and safe rehearsal studios in the city that motivated David ‘Studio Dave’ Vasquez to open a rehearsal studio.

Dave is a musician himself so he understands what it is like to navigate the music scene, and he tries to assist all musicians in the New Orleans area by doing what he can to see them succeed.

Studio Dave’s vision is to support artists/musicians, established, budding, promising, and the rock-stars-in-waiting, and be part of their road to musical Mecca.

Choose Studio Dave today and let yourself feel right at home. It’s at the heart of the Big Easy; it’s new, safe, secure, comfortable, and it’s the space that makes room for YOU and the craft that matters most to you. At Studio Dave, it really is that easy!



Studio Dave Rehearsal Studio is owned and operated by Vasquez Properties, LLC